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This is a personal homepage providing some information about accommodation in Paleochora, Crete. A large variety of rooms at moderate prices can be found in the area of Paleochora by searching the internet e.g. for Paleochora rooms. Many of them are owned and managed by local families. One of them is Stelios Rooms.
Stelios Rooms offer clean and reasonably priced accommodation in Paleochora. There are four rooms, double and triple furnished, all of them with private WC, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV and small balcony. The rooms are located in an alleyway which only can be used by pedestrians about 50m from the waterline. That's why it's a quiet place although being close to the center of Paleochora where you can find a variety of cafes, restaurants and shops just around the corner.

Beaches - the sandy beach at the west and the pebble beach at the east side of Paleochora - are within five to ten minutes walk. Car parking is possible at the small harbour nearby. The owner Stelios cares about the place and is always willing to help his guests with all they need to have a pleasant stay.

Rates vary from 25,- to 35,- Euro per day and room depending on season and length of stay. During low season it shouldn't be a problem to get a room short term, but make sure to have a reservation for bookings from June to September.

Please email or call Stelios for closer information.

Stelios Ieronimakis
73001 Chania
Crete - Greece

Tel: +30 6945 158302
Email will be available soon...
Sorry, at the moment Stelios doesn't have access to emails. Please call him by phone for further information and reservation.

Paleochora is located on the southwest coast of Crete, in Chania prefecture, on a small peninsula between two picturesque bays and it’s surrounded by the Libyan Sea. It’s called “The bride of the Libyan sea” and “The land of the sun”.

It’s built on the ancient ruins of Kalamidi city. In 1278, Venetian Duke Marino Gradenico built Kastello Selino, which is the fortress today called Fortetza, on the top of the peninsula. The climate is dry and healthy with more than 300 days of sun per year and an average temperature of 31°C in summer and 12°C in winter. Beautiful beaches with green-blue crystal clear water stretch for 18 kilometres and are easily accessible either on foot or by car.

Close by Anidri beach...

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